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9th AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator and Balloon Technology Conference

Albuquerque, NM, October 7-9, 1986


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86-2423 Technical-Historical Development of Parachutes and Their Applications Since World War I, T.W. Knacke, 1 86-2424 Scientific Ballooning, Past and Present, J.A. Winker, 11 86-2428 Suggestions for a Flight Risk Index, J.A. Winker, 16 86-2429 Registering Balloons: Flight Mechanics in Homothermic and Non-Homothermic Climbs, P.A. Gili and F.B. Quagliotti, 19 86-2430 An Improved Balloon Venting Model, K.R. Suwal, 28 86-2431 Scientific Balloon Grade Polyethylene Film Requires Laboratory-Class Production Facilities, P.J. Cannon, 33 86-2433 Vent Modification of Large Ribbon Parachutes to Enhance Cluster Performance, D.J. Kolega, W.R.Woodis, and J.D. Reuter, 39 86-2434 Automatic Variable Reefing of Parachutes by Application of Inflation Forces, D.B. Webb, 44 86-2435 Design and Performance of a Parachute for Supersonic and Subsonic Recovery of an 800-Lb Payload, C.W. Peterson, D.E. Waye, L.R. Rollstin, I.T. Holt, 49 86-2438 Investigations of Rotating Parachutes for Submunitions, K.F. Doherr and R. Synofzik, 59 86-2439 Analytic Modelling of a Samara-Wing Decelerator, P. Crimi, 66 86-2440 Notes on a Generic Parachute Opening Force Analysis, W.P. Ludtke, 72 86-2441 Analysis of the Distribution of Load Among the Lines of an Inflation Cruciform Parachute, G.A. Barnard, 86 86-2442 Development of a Large Cross Parachute with Deflation Pockets for a Water Landing Concept, L.J. Long and J.A. Stapenhill, 92 86-2444 Design and Performance of a Parachute Recovery System to Recover 155-MM and 8-Inch Diameter Artillery Shells, D.E. Waye, C.W. Peterson, and W.T. Botner, 99 86-2445 Development of a System of Six Clustered 137-Ft Diameter Parachutes to Recover 60,000 Lbs., E.D. Vickery, M.L. Eldredge, R.A. Vernet, and W.G. Jolly, 106 86-2446 Exploratory Testing of Supersonic Ribbon Parachutes in the NASA 9-Ft by 7-Ft Winf Tunnel, W.B. Pepper, R.J. Buffington, and C.W. Peterson, 117 86-2452 Average Landing Force Dependence on Length and Direction of Landing, Parachute Velocity Components and Wind Speed, J. Meyer, 127 86-2455 On the Utilization of Vortex Methods for Parachute Aerodynamic Predictions, J.H. Strickland, 132 86-2456 Axisymmetric Vortex Lattice Method Applied to Parachute Shapes, H.H. McCoy and T.D. Werme, 140 86-2457 Prediction of Decelerator Behavior Using Computational Fluid Dynamics, E.C. Steeves, 147 86-2458 Aerodynamic Characteristics and Flow Round Cross Parachutes in Steady Motion, C.Q. Shen and D.J. Cockrell, 157 86-2460 An Experimental Investigation of the Flow Field Behind Grid Models, H. Higuchi, 166 86-2461 Parachute Drag Radial Force, J.W. Purvis, 173 86-2562 Missile Recovery System for High-Speed, Small Caliber Missiles, J.A. Buckley, 179 86-2467 Controlled Terminal Descent and Recovery of Large Aerospace Components, R.T. Mayer, 182 86-2469 The Development of a Parachute Strain Measurement Technique, A.B. Render and P.D. Bradley, 194 86-2470 Aerodynamic Forces Acting on Parachutes in Unsteady Motion and Consequential Dynamic Stability Characteristics, D.J. Cockrell, C.Q. Shen, R.J. Harwood, and A.C. Baxter, 203 86-2471 Drag Stability Improvements of a Square Parachute, C.T. Calianno, 211 86-2472 Low Cost Aerial Testing of Parachutes, J.V. Hogan, 217 86-2473 Improved Measurement of the Dynamic Loads Acting on Rotating Parachutes, Z. Shpund and D. Levin, 222 86-2474 The Gun-Launched Test for a Supersonic Parachute, Xianyou Lin, 228 86-2475 Performance Prediction for Fully-Deployed Parachute Canopies, T. Yavuz, 231 86-2476 The Strength of Kevlar Narrow Fabrics as Influenced by Folding and Compression in the Presence of Moisture, R.H. Ericksen, 239 86-2477 Rip-Stop Method for Preventing Catastrophic Failure of Large Ribbon Parachutes, R.D. Moog, N.G. Smith, and J.D. Reuter, 245 86-2478 Kinetics for the Degradation of Nylon and Kevlar Parachute Materials, I. Auerbach, 254 86-2480 Effects of Parachute-Ribbon Surface Treatments on Tensile Strength, I. Auerbach, L.D. Whinery, D.W. Johnson, K.E. Mead, and D.D. Sheldon, 263 86-2483 A Special Purpose Parachute Sail for Propulsion of Skiers, J. Stanford and P. Huff, 271 86-2484 BASEic Sport Parachuting:"We'll Jump Off That Bridge When We Come to It", J. Boenish, 274 86-2485 Tandem Jumping, W.R. Booth, 282 86-2486 The Aerodynamics of Parachutes AGARDograph, D.J. Cockrell, 286 86-2487 Computer Design Code for Conical Ribbon Parachutes, D.E. Waye, 295 86-2488 A Comparison of Measured and Calculated Stress in Solid and Ribbon Parachute Canopies, W.L. Garrard, M.L. Konicke, and K.S. Wu, 299 86-2489 A New Solution Method for Steady-State Canopy Structural Loads, W.D. Sundberg, 310 86-2490 Drogue Mortar System Simulation Development and Performance Evaluations, T.P. Pawlikowski, 318 LATE PAPER: 86-2448 Design and Development of a Two-Stage Parachute System for Delivery of Troops From High-Speed Aircraft, J.W. Watkins, 327