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8th AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator and Balloon Technology Conference

Hyannis, MA, April 2-4, 1984


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84-0778 Effect of Material Aging on Parachute Pack Life: A Synopsis of Sandia National Laboratories Studies, I. AUERBACH, J.W. MEAD, K.E MEAD, R.H ERICKSEN, F.B. BURNS and C.L. RENSCHLER, 1 84-0781 An Unmanned Reentry/Recovery Vehicle for a Reusable Launch System, J.R. TEWELL, 9 84-0783 Scale Effects on Performance of Ram Air Wings, T.F. GOODRICK,14 84-0784 Parachute/Submunition System Coupled Dynamics, D.W. PILLASCH, Y.C. SHEN and N. VALERO,20 84-0786 Improved Prediction of Parachute Line Sail During Lines-First Deployment, J.W. PURVIS, 25 84-0787 Numerical Prediction of Deployment, Initial Fill, and Inflation of Parachute Canopies, J W. PURVIS, 34 84-0789 High Wind Balloon Material Test and Launch Concept Description, C.H. ZIERDT and J.R. NELSON, 39 84-0790 Adaptation of a 15-FT-DIA Ribbon Parachute and a 73-FT Cross Main Recovery Parachute for Cargo Delivery from High Altitude, W,B PEPPER, H. LUCERO, P.C. KLIMAS, R.A. KLEIN and H.E. ANTKOWIAK, 45 84-0792 A Technique for Determining the Glide Ratio of Gliding Parachutes Using Space Positioning Data, T. BOZACK, 48 84-0793 Development of an 8-FT-DIA Ribbon Parachute for Recovery of a Test Device at Transonic Speeds, W.B. PEPPER,54 84-0794 A Method for Calculating the Pressure Field About a Ribbon Parachute Canopy in Steady Descent, K.K. MURAMOTO and W.L. GARRARD, 57 84-0795 Vortex Lattice Theory Applied to Parachute Canopy Configurations, J. MEYER and J.W. PURVIS, 68 84-0796 Parachute Canopy Dimpling Collapse Mode, K.E. FRENCH, 79 84-0797 Further Experimental Determination of Parachute Virtual Mass Coefficients, D.J. COCKRELL, K.-F. DOHERR and S.J. POLPITIYE, 82 84-0798 Experimental Determination of the Input Parameters to the Parachute Equations of Motion, D.S. JORGENSEN, 89 84-0801 Terminal Descent Controlled Vehicle Recovery, R.T. MAYER, 98 84-0802 Development of the Parachute Recovery System for the LBRV-2 Reentry Vehicle, W.B. PEPPER, 108 84-0803 High-Speed, Low-Altitude Payload Delivery Using a Single Large Ribbon Parachute - D.W. JOHNSON and C.W. PETERSON, 116 84-0804 136' Main For Shuttle SBR Boosters, RODIER, MOOG, and KROSS, ??? 84-0805 Retrorocket-Assisted Parachute Inflight Delivery (RAPID) System Study, J.D. CYRUS and W. NYKVIST, 124 84-0806 The Naval Weapons Center's Squarex Canopy Design: A New Parachute Concept, D. GOLD, 131 84-0807 Samara Type Decelerators, R. KLINE and W. KOENIG, 135 84-0808 New, High-Performance Rotating Parachute, W.B. PEPPER JR.,142 84-0810 Kevlar Parachute Design and Performance, C.W. PETERSON, W.B. PEPPER, D.W. JOHNSON and I.T. HOLT, 147 84-0811 Development of New Ribbons and Webbings for High Performance Parachutes, R.H. ERICKSEN, D.W. JOHNSON and T.R GUESS, 155 84-0812 Alternate Textile Joining Methods for Parachute Canopy Seams, R.I. TUBIS, 163 84-0813 Preliminary Results of the Effects of Sewing, Packing and Parachute Deployment on Material Strength, R.H. ERICKSEN, W.B. PEPPER and L.D. WHINERY, 170 84-0814 A Semi-Empirical Theory to Predict the Load-Time History of an Inflating Parachute, J.S. LINGARD, 177 84-0815 Pressure Distributions on Parachute Ribbon Shapes, J.F. HENFLING and J.W. PURVIS, 186 84-0816 Steady State Stresses in Ribbon Parachute Canopies, W.L. GARRARD, K.Y. UU and K.K. MURAMOTO, 191 84-0817 Finite Element Design of a High Pressure Balloon with PAM-LISA, E HAUG and A. de ROUVRAY, 200 84-0818 Balloon Dynamic Launch Forces, J.L. RAND, 210 84-0820 Experimental Investigation of Full-Scale and Model Parachute Opening, C .K. LEE, 215 84-0821 Airdrop Controlled Exit System (ACES), B.C. BONACETO and J.F. SCHROEDER, 224 84-0822 An Experimental Study of the Performance of Clustered Parachutes in a Low Speed Wind Tunnel, B.K. BACA, 230 84-0823 Transonic Wind-Tunnel Investigation of the Galileo Probe Parachute Configuration, R.E. CORRIDAN, J.G. GIVENS and B.M. KEPLEY, 239 84-0826 Ram Air Parachute Design Considerations and Applications, E. PUSKAS, 255 84-0829 The Development and Function of the Three Ring Release and Hand Deployed Pilot Chute, W.R. BOOTH, 260 84-0830 History and Evolution of Competitive Body Flight, B.J. WORTH, 264