AIAA ADS Conferences

7th AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator and Balloon Technology Conference

San Diego, CA, October 21-23, 1981


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81-1911 Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) Decelerator Subsystem, W.R. Woodis 81-1912 The Balloon and Airship Technological Heritage, N.J. Mayer 81-1914 Design & Development of a Light Weight Mid-Air Retrieval System for Cruise Missiles, W.J. Everett, D.w. Henke 81-1915 Mid-Air Recovery System for the Air Launched Cruise Missile, P.R. Delurgio, B.A. Engstrom, W.C. Buhler 81-1916 Some Unique Applications for Tethered-Balloon Systems, C.L. Rice, A.O. Korn, G.H. McPhetres, and F.V. Hunsinger 81-1917 Airbag Impact Attenuation System for the AQM-34V Remote Piloted Vehicle, C.T. Turner, L.A. Girard 81-1918 Limiting Payload Deceleration During Ground Impact, A. Mironer, R. Urquhart, and R.F. Walters 81-1919 Aerodynamics and Performance of Cruciform Parachute Canopies, D. Jorgensen and D.J. Cockrell 81-1920 Experimental Determination of Parachute Apparent Mass and Its Significance in Predicting Dynamic Stability, T. Yavuz, D.J. Cockrell 81-1921 Development of New Lifting Parachute Designs with Increased Trim Angle, W.R. Bolton, I.T. Holt, and C.W. Peterson 81-1923 A Preliminary Investigation of Ribbon Parachute Model Design Parameters Affecting Stability and Drag, T. Weber, W.L. Garrard 81-1924 Comparison of Simulation and Experimental Data for a Gliding Parachute in Dynamic Flight, T.F. Goodrick 81-1925 Theoretical Analysis of Parachute Inflation Including Fluid Kinetics, J.W. Purvis 81-1926 A New Thermal Trajectory Model for High Altitude Balloons, L.A. Carlson, W.J. Horn 81-1927 The Net-Skirt to a Parachute Canopy as a Device to Prevent Inversion, G.W.H. Stevens 81-1928 Development of a Lifting Parachute to Provide Self-dispersing Capacity for an Avco Designed Tactical Munition, R.J. Kingsley, J.Reuter 81-1929 Computerized Video Instrumentation Technique for Wind Tunnel Testing of Parachutes, R.H. Croll, D.E. Berg, C.S. Johnson, and G.J. Smith 81-1930 The Air Launched Balloon System Phase II Design Improvement and Test Program, A.S. Carten, JR., M.R. Wuest 81-1931 Summary of Parachute Wind Tunnel Testing Methods at Sandia National Laboratory, R.H. Croll, P.C. Klimas, R.E. Tate, D.F. Wolf 81-1932 The Constricted Rigging Line Trails Technique for Assessing the Opening Characteristics of Parachutes, S.A. Birch 81-1933 A Modular Asymmetric Parachute for Wind Tunnel Testing, P.C. Klimas, H.E. Widdows, R.H. Croll 81-1934 Free Lift and Burner Thermal Output Requirements for a Desired Trajectory of a Hot Air Balloon, W.F. Marion 81-1935 Technical Description of the Pioneer High Altitude Parachute Penetration System, P.J. Woodruff 81-1936 Light Heart, Trans-Atlantic Balloon Flight Attempt, An Analysis, D.E. Overs 81-1937 The Parachute in Perspective: Looking Backward to 1931, Circa AIAA Origin, D. Gold 81-1938 Thermal Balance of Pumpkin Shaped Balloons and its Relation with IR Earth Radiation, M. Romero, M. Rougeron, C. Tockert 81-1939 Reduction in Parachute Drag Due to Forebody Wake Effects, C.W. Peterson, D.W. Johnson 81-1940 Preliminary Consideration of Parameter Identification Analysis from Parachute Aerodynamic Flight Test Data, D.J. Cockrell, K-F. Doherr 81-1941 On the Influence of Stochastic and Acceleration Dependent Aerodynamic Forces on the Dynamic Stability of Parachutes, K-F. Doherr, C. Saliaris 81-1942 Development of a High Altitude Spin Parachute, M.N. Silbert 81-1943 The Influence of Strain Rate on the Strength of Kevlar 29 Woven Fabrics, R.H. Ericksen 81-1944 Stress Measurments in a Ribbon Parachute Canopy During Inflation and at Steady State, T.A Konicke, W.L. Garrard 81-1945 Stress Measurments in Bias Constructed Parachute Canopies During Inflation and at Steady-State, W.L. Garrard, T.A. Konicke 81-1946 A Balloon Strain Gage, J.L. Rand 81-1948 Balloon Material Characterization, J.S. Wilbeck, J.L. Rand 81-1949 Development of the ARIES Parachute System, W.B. Pepper, F.M. Collins 81-1950 Aeroballistic Characteristics of Sonobuoy Parachute Decelerators Limited to a Length of Three Feet, C.T. Calianno 81-1951 Parachute Design for the Galileo Jupiter Entry Probe, R.W. Rodier, R.C. Thuss, J.E. Terhune 81-1952 Development of a Nylon-Kevlar Recovery System for the CL-289 (An/USD 502) Surveillance Drone, D.B. Webb, L.A. Palm 81-1953 Inflatable System for Fast Deployment of Parachute at Low Altitudes from Slow Moving Aircraft or Stationary Supports, H.O. Bucker