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6th AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator and Balloon Technology Conference

Houston, TX, March 5-7, 1979


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79-0416 Foam Impact Attenuation System, S. R. MEHAFFIE, 1 79-0417 Simulation Studies of the Flight Dynamics of Gliding Parachute Systems T. F. GOODRICK, 11 79-0418 Practical Aspects of Reefing Cutter Design - S. J. BARLOG 17 79-0419 Balloon Concepts for Scientific Investigation of Mars and Jupiter, R. L. ASH--26 79-0420 Development and Testing of a Shipboard Launched Balloon System, K. L. TeKRONY, 38 79-0423 The Propagation of Stress/Strain Pulses in Woven Textiles, in Particular,Textile Slings, G. W. H. STEVENS, 45 79-0424 Tensile Testing of Kevlar Tapes, Webbings and Ribbons, S. L. GOODWIN, N. J. ABBOTT, W. R. PINNELL, 56 79-0425 Biaxial Stress Measurements on Cloth Samples and Bias Constructed Parachute Models, H. G. HEINRICH, 62 79-0426 Design Specifications for the Capped Balloons With Special Reference to Their Survival in the Equitorial Tropopause, G. S. GOKHALE, R.T. REDKAR, M. N. JOSHI, S. SREENIVASAN, J. V. SUBBA RAO, 69 79-0427 Fabrication and Quality Assurance Procedure to Assure a Symmetrical Lifting Parachute, R. E. RYCHNOVSKY, 76 79-0429 Preliminary Evaluation of Kevlar-29 Versus Nylon by Slap/TV Free-Flight Deployment Tests of 12.5-Foot-Diameter Ribbon Parachutes, W. B. PEPPER, 80 79-0430 Design Criteria for and Development of Kevlar Ribbon Parachutes, W. R. PINNELL, 89 79-0431 Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Decelerator Subsystem Drop Test 3 - Anatomy of a Failure, R. E. RUNKLE, W. R. WOODIS, 100 79-0432 On the Mechanical Properties of Polyethylene Balloon Films and Forming Conditions of Their Tubular Film Process, S. OKAMOTO, 111 79-0433 Design and Development of the 24-Foot Diameter Hybrid Kevlar-29/Nylon Ribbon Parachute, W. B. PEPPER, JR., 119 79-0434 Reefing the Space Shuttle SRB-DSS Drogue Parachute, R. W. RODIER, 127 79-0435 Experiments With Omega Sensors for Measuring Stress in the Flexible Material of Parachute Canopies, G. BRAUN, K-F DOHERR, 132 79-0436 The Effect of Moisture on the Strength of Kevlar 29 Ribbon Parachute Fabrics, R. H. ERICKSEN, L. OREAR,141 79-0437 Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Decelerator Subsystem Rocket Sled Test Program, D. A. KROSS, R. W. WEBB, 147 79-0439 An Experimental Technique for Data Acquisition from Parachutes in Flight, J. A. EATON, D. J. COCKRELL, 154 79-0440 Determination of Meaningful Performance Parameters from Bench Tests of Barometric Staging Units, G. A. BARNARD, 157 79-0442 Parachute Techniques Employed in the Air-Launched Balloon System (ALBS) Development Program, A. S. CARTEN, JR., M. R. WUEST, 160 79-0443 Data Management in the Decelerator Industry, E. L. NETTLETON II, 171 79-0445 The Influence of Ballonet Motions on the Longitudinal Stability of Tethered Aerostats, J. DeLAURIER, 174 79-0446 Recovery System Preliminary Design, A Simplified Approach to Determining Drogue Chute Staging, Timing, and Altitude Requirements, M.W. HIGGINS, 183 79-0447 A Simple Physical Model of a Descending Parachute, D. J. COCKRELL and J. A. EATON, 192 79-0448 Flight Simulation of a Vehicle With a Two-Stage Parachute System, P. R. SCHATZLE and W. H. CURRY, 195 79-0449 Parachute Inflation Control Using an Attached Apex Drogue, B. W. ROBERTS, 204 79-0450 A First-Order Theory for the Effects of Line Ties on Parachute Deployment, K. E. FRENCH, 211 79-0451 Parachute Partial Inversions, R. B. CALKINS, 215 79-0452 Wings of Man - The Theory of Freefall Flight, M. T. "PAT" WORKS, JR., 220 79-0454 Round Personnel (Auxiliary) Canopies Then and Now, A. M. LEVINSON and C. W. RUDD, JR., 230 79-0455 Development of "Heavy" (Life Support) Parachute Hardware, D. G. BECK, 240 79-0456 A New Life Saving Application for the Parachute, E. D. VICKERY, 245 79-0457 Factors and Tradeoffs Affecting Ram-Air Parachutes Designed for Civilian Personnel Applications, M. W. HIGGINS, 250 79-0458 Commercial Parachutes, J. D. REUTER, 261 79-0459 Longitudinal Oscillation Damping for Fully-Inflated Parachute Canopies, D. J. COCKRELL, J. A. EATON, C. J. MORGAN, 269 79-0460 The Validity of the Leicester Computer Model for a Parachute With Fully Deployed Canopy, J. A. EATON and D. J. COCKRELL, 274 79-0462 Drag and Pressure Distribution on a Family of Porous, Slotted Disks, B. W. ROBERTS, 280 79-0463 Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Decelerator Subsystem Drop Test Results, R. D. MOOG, J. D. SHEPPARD, D. A. KROSS, 291 79-0464 Performance Evaluation of Space Shuttle SRB Parachutes from Air Drop and Scaled Model Wind Tunnel Tests, R. D. MOOG, D. L. BACCHUS, L. R. UTREJA, 302 79-0466 Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Decelerator Subsystem - Air Drop Test Vehicle/B-52 Design, R. E. RUNKLE and R. F. DROBNIK, 313 79-0468 Preliminary Report on Development of an Interim Parachute Recovery System (IRS) for a Reentry Vehicle, W. B. PEPPER, JR., 320 79-0469 Scientific Ballooning in Japan, J. NISHIMURA and H. HIROSAWA, 328 79-0470 Trajectory Simulation of a Parachute System, W. R. BOLTON, 337 79-0471 Hardware Options for Gliding Airdrop Guidance Systems, T. F. GOODRICK, 345 79-0473 The Development of Military Specifications for Kevlar Parachute Component Materials, N. J. ABBOTT, R. J. COSKREN, W. R. PINNELL, 351