AIAA ADS Conferences

5th AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference

Albuqurque, NM, 1975


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Analytical Aerodynamics

75-1351 A Review of Parachute Inflation Theory, B.W. Roberts, K.R. Reddy 75-1352 Fluid Mass Associated with an Axisymmetric Parachute Canopy, P.C. Klimas 75-1353 Inflation of a Multi-Element Parachute Structure, K.R. Readdy, B.W. Roberts 75-1354 Drag Coefficient of 20 deg. Conical Ribbon Parachute, L.R. Utreja 75-1355 NA 75-1356 Theoretical-Experimental Determination of Altitude Loss for Load-Systems using Cluster Parachutes, K.-H. Fu, R. Koch 75-1357 Angle-of-Attack Control of Drag for Slender Reentry Vehicle Recovery, D.H. Platus


75-1358 Lightweight Stretch Fabric for Parachute Canopies, J.Skelton 75-1359 X-Ray Opaque Coatings for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Nylon Parachute Components, 1Lt D.K. Wade, S.R. Mehaffle 75-1360 Kevlar 29 and 49 Yarns in Parachute Components, R.J. Coskren, N.J. Abbott, J.H. Ross 75-1361 A Characterization of Nylon Parachute Webbing With Hysteresis Effects in a Simple Dynamic System, J.J. Groom 75-1362 A Computer Subroutine for the Load-Elongation Characteristics of Parachute Suspension Lines, R.E. McCarty 75-1363 Fatique and Strain Characteristics of "Kevlar" Yarn and Cord Under Constant Stress, J.D. Boone, D.A. Henderson 75-1364 NA

Experimental Aerodynamics

75-1365 Wind Tunnel Tests to Evaluate a Lifting Transonic Parachute, R.E. Rychovsky, R.E. Everett 75-1366 Wind Tunnel Investigation of Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Drogue Parachutes and Deployment Concepts, D.L. Bacchus, J.R. Vickers, J.T. Foughner Jr. 75-1367 Opening Parameters of 35ft. Do Extended Skirt Parachutes, L.L. Watson 75-1368 Helium Bubble Survey of a Parachute Opening Flowfield Using Computer Graphics Techniques, P.C. Klimas, D.F. Rogers 75-1369 Parametric Study of Parachute Pressure Distribution by Wind Tunnel Testing, W.B. Pepper, J.F. Reed 75-1370 A Wind Tunnel Parametric Study of Ribbon Parachutes, D.F. McVey, W.B. Pepper, J.F. Reed 75-1371 Aerodynamic and Inertial Forces on Model Parachute Canopies, D.J. Cockrell, I.D. Huntley, R.M. Ayers

Structures and Instrumentation

75-1372 Stress Analysis of Ribbon Parachutes, D.T. Reynolds, W.M. Mullins 75-1373 Amplifying Ribbon Extensometer for Measuring Film and Fabric Strain, V.L. Alley, A.D. McHatton 75-1374 Parachute Canopy Stress Measurements During Inflation and at Steady State, H.G. Heinrich, D.P. Saari 75-1375 Viscoelastic Fracture Criteria for Balloon Films, J.S. Noel, L.D. Webb 75-1376 Superpressure Balloon Loads, J.L. Rand 75-1377 Development of a Prototype System for Measuring Low Speed Velocity Vectors in Air, W.R. Pinnell 75-1378 A Loading Prediction Technique for Designing Impact Bag Systems with Predictable Performance, F. J. Stimler 75-1379 A Computer Simulation of Parachute Opening Dynamics, E.L. Keck 75-1380 Finit-Element Modeling of Parachute Deployment and Inflation, W.D. Sundberg 75-1381 Aerodynamic Line Bowing During Parachute Deployment, R.D. Moog 75-1382 Parachute Opening Shock Calculations with Experimentally Established Velocity and Aero Functions, H.G. Heinrich, D.P. Saari 75-1383 Drogue Parachute Deployment Dynamics of the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster, A.K. Banerjee, L.R. Utreja 75-1384 Parachute Deployment Process Evaluation Using A Simple Dynamic Testing Technique, R.J. Speelman III 75-1385 Mathematical Modeling of High Altitude Balloon Performance, J.F. Kreider


75-1386 Development of a High-Level Container Airdrop System, G.A. Barnard, W.L. Black, F.W. Hawker 75-1387 High Level Platform Airdrop Test, E. Giebutowski 75-1388 Airborne Minuteman, D.J. Kolega, J.E. Leger 75-1389 A Lifting Parachute for Very Low Altitude-Very High Speed Deliveries, R.E. Rychnovsky 75-1390 NA 75-1391 Long Duration Scientific Ballooning Platform Development, M.S. Pavey 75-1392 Evaluation of All-Parachute and Hybrid (Parachute-Retrorocket) Recovery Systems for a One Million Pound Booster, C.V. Eckstrom

System Dynamics

75-1393 Gliding Decelerator Trajectory Control in Variable Winds, A.L. Murphy Jr. 75-1394 Theoretical Study of the Longitudinal Stability of High-Performance Gliding Airdrop Systems, T.F. Goodrick 75-1395 The Planar Dynamics of Airships, F.J. Regan, A.M. Morrison 75-1396 Computer Model of a Fully Deployed Parachute, C.Tory, R. Ayres 75-1397 Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Parachute-Load-System Dynamic Stability, K.-F. Doherr 75-1398 A Parachute Cluster Dynamic Analysis, D.F. Wolf, H.R. Spahr 75-1399 Development and Application of a Mathematical Model for Use on the B-1 Escape Module, T.D. Morgan

Testing and Systems Management

75-1400 Advances in Aerodynamic Decelerator System Technology Since World War II, J.W. Stone 75-1401 A Key to Successful Recovery, R.W. Rodier 75-1402 An Inexpensive, Quick Look Data Method for the B-1 Crew Escape System Tests, C.D. Gragg, N.W. Haars 75-1403 Flight Qualification of Mortar-Actuated Parachute Deployment Systems, J.E. Pleasants 75-1404 B-1 Program Management, P.R. Doty 75-1405 Evolution of an In-Flight Escape System, H. Horn 75-1406 Systems Review and Approval + Vehicle/Systems Readiness Review - Integrated Management in Action, LT. COL. D.J. Hall