AIAA ADS Conferences

4th AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference

Palm Springs, CA, May 21-23, 1973


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Program Overview Reports

73-440 Evaluation of the B-1 Crew Escape System, COL T.H. McMullen 73-441 Space Shuttle Booster Recovery Planning, R.E. Godfrey 73-442 The Viking Decelerator System: An Overview, C.L. Gillis

Structures and Material

73-443 Nonlinear Analysis of a Shock-Loaded Membrane, R. Madden, P.J. Remington 73-444 Stress Analysis of the Viking Parachute, E. Houmard 73-445 Experimental Stress Analysis of Inflated Model Parachutes, H.G. Heinrich, R.A. Noreen 73-446 Force-Strain Characteristics of Dacron Parachute Suspension-Line Material under Dynamic Loading Conditions, L.R. Poole 73-447 Material Evaluation for Viking Decelerator System, J.L. Blighton, H.J. Brown 73-448 Advanced Material and Assembly Methods for Inflatable Structures, J.T. Harris

Aerodynamics I - Analytical

73-449 Unsteady Vortex Flow Past an Inflating Decelerating Wedge, K.R. Reddy 73-450 A Simplified Dynamic Model of Parachute Inflation, D.F. Wolf 73-451 Analysis of Deployment and Inflation of Large Ribbon Parachutes, D.F. McVey and D.F. Wolf 73-452 Axisymmetric Self-Excited Oscillations in Parachutes, B.W. Roberts 73-453 A Model and Calculation Procedure for the Prediction of Parachute Inflation, R.M. Nerem, F.A. Pake

Component Design and Test I

73-454 Development of the Viking Parachute Configuration by Wind-Tunnel Investigation, S. Steinberg, P.M. Siemers III, R.G. Slayman 73-455 Development Flight Tests of the Viking Decelerator System, H.N. Murrow, D.W. Henke, C.V. Eckstrom 73-456 The Viking Parachute Qualification Test Technique, J.L. Raper, F.C. Michel, R.R. Lundstrom 73-457 Qualification Flight Tests of the Viking Decelerator System, R.R. Moog, R.J. Bendura, J.D. Timmons, R.A. Lau 73-458 Viking Mortar, J.P. Brecht, J.E. Pleasants, R.D. Mehring 73-459 Parachute Mortar Design, J.E. Pleasants

Dynamics I

73-460 An Advanced Technique for the Prediction of Decelarator System Dynamics, T.A. Talay, W.D Morris, C.H. Whitlock 73-461 A Stability Analysis of Tandem Parachute Midair Recovery Systems, R.J. Speelman III, M.W. Higgons 73-462 Analysis of Various Automatic Homing Techniques for Gliding Airdrop Systems with Comparative Performance in Adverse Winds, T.F. Goodrick, A.L. Murphy, A.E. Pearson 73-463 A Dynamic and Aerodynamic Analysis of Articulated Autorotor Decelerator, M.C. Miller 73-464 A Parachute Snatch Force Theory Incorporating Line Disengagement Impulses, H.G. Heinrich

Component Design and Test II

73-465 Drone Recovery: Present and Future, D.W. Henke 73-467 Development of the B-1 Crew Module Parachute Recovery System, I.A. Whalley 73-468 Development of a High-Performance Ringsail Parachute Cluster, W.C. Buhler, W.K. Wailes 73-469 Development of an Improved Midair-Retrieval Parachute System for Drone/RPV Aircraft, W.J. Everett 73-470 Aircraft Recovery Employing an Inflatable Wing, W.H. Eilertson 73-471 An Airdrop System for Testing Large Parachute for Recovery of Loads of up to 90,000 lb., H.J. Hunter

Aerodynamics II - Experimental

73-472 A 14.2-Ft-Do Variable-Porosity Conical Ribbon Chute for Supersonic Application, R.A. Toni 73-473 Drag and Stability Characteristics of High-Speed Parachutes in the Transonic Range, W.C. Alexander, J.T. Foughner, JR. 73-474 Parachute Gore Shape and Flow Visualization during Transient and Steady-State Conditions, V.G. Dereng 73-475 Evaluation of Experimental Flow Properties bihind a Viking 75 Entry Vehicle, J.F. Campell, C.A. Brown JR. 73-476 Aerodynamic Braking of High-Speed Ground Transportation Vehicles, J.W. Marte, W.J. Marko

Dynamics II

73-477 A Technique for the Calculation of the Opening-Shock Forces for Several Types of Solid-Cloth Parachutes, W.P. Ludtke 73-478 The Use of Elastic Relaxation for Testing Aerospace Equipment, G.W.H. Stevens 73-479 Design Analysis of a Parachute/Retrorocket Landing System for an Aircraft Crew Escape Module, C.A. Babish III 73-480 Experimental Investigation and Correlation of the Ground Impact Accelerations of a Full-Scale Capsule and 1/4-Scale Model Aircraft Emergency Crew Escape Capsule System, E.O. Roberts, R.L. Peterson 73-481 A Recovery System Design for a High-Performance Re-Entry Vehicle, H.J. McMenamin

Component Design and Test III

73-482 Predicting Descent Rate for Aircraft Parachute Flares, J.E. Laswell 73-483 Relative Merit of the Disk-Gap-Band Parachute Applied to Individual Aircrew Member Escape, W.R. Pinnell, D.J. Kolega 73-484 Parachute Design and Performance Data Bank, J.H. Deweese, R.E. McCarty 73-485 Development and Test of Ballute Stabilizer/Decelerators for Aircraft Delivery of a 500-lb Munition, A.C. Aebischer, LT. P.G. McGirr 73-486 A Guided Gliding Ribbon Parachute and Control System, W.B. Pepper, J.R. Biesterveld 73-487 An Analysis of Parachute System Parameters, G.C. De Santis 73-488 Several Computerized Techniques to Aid in the Design and Optimization of Parachute Deceleration and Aerial-Delivery Systems, J.D. Reuter