AIAA ADS Conferences

1st AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference

Houston, TX, September 7-9, 1966


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A Method for Calculating Parachute Opening Forces for General Deployment Conditions, L.R. Jamison, 1 The Potential Flow Field and the Added Mass of the Idealized Hemispherical Parachute, S.K. Ibrahim, 10 Filling Time Prediction Approach for Solid Cloth Type Parachute Canopies, R.J. Berndt, J.H. Deweese, 17 A Theory of Three-Dimensional Parachute Dynamic Stability, F.M. White, D.F. Wolf, 33 The Effects of Mass Accommodation on Shock Wave Stability for Ribbon Parachutes in Supersonic Flow, E.L. Haak, R.J. Niccum, 47 Drag Level Staging Through Modification of Supersonic Wake Fields by Trailing Aerodynamic Decelerators, C.A. Babish III, 55 A Method of Load Prediction for Parachutes in Cluster, J.H. Moeller, 64

Component and Tests

Recovery of High Performance Re-Entry Vehicles, T.T. Blanco, R.J. Berman, H.T.Steck, 73 The "Skirt Jet" Impact Attenuation System, E.G. Ewing, G. Frank, 82 The Spinning Filamentary Disk as a Hypersonic Decelerator, R.H. MacNeal, A.C. Kyser, 87 The Dynamic Pressure Loading on Parachute Canopies, H.D. Melzig, 100 Recovery System Small-Scale Water Trajectory Tests, J.H. Otis, JR., 107 Parachute Testing at Altitudes Between 30 and 90 Kilometers, J.C. McFall, JR., H.N.Murrow, 116 Performance Evaluation of a Nose Capsule Crew Escape System, J.E. Schmalhofer, JR., B.J. White, 122

Fundamentals and Materials

Analysis of Dynamic Stress in an Inflating Parachute, K.J. Asfour, 127 Pressure and Heat Transfer on High-Speed Aerodynamic Decelerators of the Ballute Type, R.M. Nerem, 135 Correlation of Analytical and Emperical Techniques for Designing Supersonic and Hypersonic Decelerators, W.R. Pinnell, F. Bloetscher, 144 Loads on Bodies in Wakes, J.P. Reding, L.E. Ericsson, 154

Systems I

Preliminary Analytical Study of Booster Recovery by Means of a Drag Balloon Which Converts to a Hot-Air Balloon for Final Recovery, S.H. Scher, J.C. Dunavant, 165 Aerodynamic Deceleration from as High as Mach 4.0 for the ALARR (Air Launched Air Recoverable Rocket) Project, J.E. Ryan, 172 Aircraft Escape Systems Design Criteria, T.S. Bradfield, F.T. Thomasson, 181 Recovery System Requirements for High Performance Re-Entry Vehicles, P.A. Minerva, R.D. Turner, 188

Systems II

Developement of a Terminal Landing Rocket System for Apollo-Type Vehicle, J.F. Lands JR., 196 Design Integration Aspects of a Land Landing System for Apollo Applications, P.A. Leonard, R.W. Rodier, 204 A Survey of the U.S. Army R&D Programs in Airdrop, M.P. Gionfriddo, 216 Air Force Concepts for Accurate Delivery of Equipment and Supplies, R.J. Ducote, R.J. Speelman, 223

Late Paper:

The Development of Ultra Low Altitude Dropping of Heavy Stores, A.A. Arnold, 237