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15th CEAS/AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference

Toulouse, France, June 9-11, 1999


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SESSION 1 - Plenary

Evolution of the Ringsail Parachute P. Delurgio, 1 Mars Pathfinder Parachute System Performance A. Witkowski, 11 An Overview of the X-38 Prototype Crew Return Vehicle Development and Test Program J. Stein, R. Machin, and J. Muratore, 20 Post-Flight 503 Evaluation of the Ariane-5 Booster Recovery System M. Bos and J. Offerman, 38 The Atmospheric Re-entry Demonstrator (ARD) - A Successful Recovery at Sea T. Leveugle and D. Reinhard, NA Accelerated Services for the ADS: The Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology C. Lee Jones, 45

SESSION 2 - Design & Development

Low Cost Parachute Guidance, Navigation, and Control S. Dellicker and J. Bybee, 51 Design and Testing of the Kistler Landing System Parachutes A. Taylor, NA Design, Development and Testing of Parachutes using the BAT Sombrero Slider M. Butler, NA MIRKA: Parachute System Development and Layout M. Kostelezky and G. Schmitt, NA Design and Development of a Small Universal Sounding Rocket Recovery System R. Thomas, 66

SESSION 3 - Simulation 1

Advanced Computational Methods for 3D Simulation of Parafoils T. Tezduyar, V. Kalro and W. Garrard, 77 Fluid-Structure Simulation of a 3D Ram-Air Parachute with SINPA Software C. Ibos, C. Lacroix, P. Bordenave, L. Chuzet and A. Goy, 88 3-D Computation of Parachute Fluid-Structure Interactions: Performance and Control K. Stein, R. Benney, V. Kalro and T. Tezduyar, 99 Comparison of Numerical Flow Field Predictions for Army Airdrop Applications J. Sahu, H. Edge, K. Heavey, S. Chakravarthy, K. Stein and R. Benney, 110 Problems in Ram Air Wing Modeling and Their Solution in the Three Dimensional Simulation Code "PARA3D" T. Chatzikonstantinou, 121 The Decelerator Pitch-Dependent Performances Prediction Based on 3D Aeroelastic Analysis Y. Mosseev, 129

SESSION 4 - Systems 1

Inertially Controlled Recovery System G. Brown, B. Norton and J.S. Lingard, 138 A New Pneumatic Actuator: Its Use in Airdrop Applications G. Brown, R. Haggard and R. Benney, 148 Landing System Design Summary of the K-1 Aerospace Launch Vehicle E. Fallon and A. Taylor, NA C-17 Dual Row Airdrop System J. Lis and L. Tavernetti, NA Investigation of Parachute Deployment Assembly for Drones W. Zhongwen, 159 New Recovery Systems for Stratospheric Balloon Gondolas J. Evrard and A. Vargas, NA

SESSION 5 - Simulation 2

Enhanced Parachute Simulation Training and Planning J. Hogue, F. Anderson, C. Pelz, R.W. Allen, S. Markham and A. Harmsen, 163 Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations of a Cross Parachute: Comparison of Numerical Predictions with Wind Tunnel Data K. Stein, R. Benney, V. Kalro, T. Tezduyar, T. Bretl and J. Potvin, 172 An Overview of the Development of a Vortex Based Inflation Code for Parachute Simulation (VIPAR) V. Behr, W. Wolfe, C. Peterson and C. Hailey, NA Controllable Airdrop Simulations Utilizing a 3-D Structural Dynamics Model R. Benney, K. Stein, W. Zhang, M. Accorsi and J. Leonard, 182 Ram Air Wing Design Practice with the Three Dimensional Simulation Code "PARA3D" T. Chatzikonstantinou, NA Issues in Parachute Structural Modeling: Damping and Wrinkling M. Accorsi, K. Lu, J. Leonard, R. Benney and K. Stein, 193

SESSION 6 - Gliding Parachutes 1

Development of the NASA X-38 Parafoil Landing System J. Smith and T. Bennett, 205 Lateral-Directional Aerodynamics from a Large Scale Parafoil Test Program C. Schroeder Iacomini and C. Cerimele, 218 Longitudinal Aerodynamics from a Large Scale Parafoil Test Program C. Schroeder Iacomini and C. Cerimele, 229 Technique for Measuring Parafoil Deployment and Steady State Loads in the Dispersion Risers and Leading Edge Reinforcement Tape R. Machin, S. Fitzgerald, P. Royall and M. Walcer, 240 Parafoil Aerodynamic Characteristics Derived from Flight Measured Suspension System Loads F. Martin, NA Cell Pull-Down Method for Parafoil Inflation C. Lee and J. Buckley, 244

SESSION 7 - Aerodynamics 1

Parachute Opening Shock D. Wolf, 253 Reynolds Number and Scale Effects on Inflating Parachute Canopies K. Desabrais and H. Johari, 258 Experimental Study of Fluid-Structure Interactions on a Cross Parachute: Comparison of Wind Tunnel and Test Drop Data with CFD Predictions. J. Potvin, L. Esteve, G. Peek, R. Alamat, R. Benney and K. Stein, 269 Characteristics of Flow within Concave-Nosed Bodies D. Lamberson and H. Higuchi, 279 Wind Tunnel Study of Cruciform Parachutes Folded in Various Configurations J. Potvin, L. Esteve, G. Peek and R. Alamat, 288

SESSION 8 - Systems 2

Development of the Weapon Borne Sensor Parachute System V. Behr, 297 The Stardust Sample Return Capsule Parachute Recovery System A. Witkowski, 308 The Affordable Guided Airdrop System (AGAS) G. Brown, R. Haggard, R. Almassy and R. Benney, 316 More Recent Advances in Spin Stall Recovery Parachute Systems A. Taylor, NA Parachute System of MUSES-C Reentry Capsule M. Hinada, Y. Inatani, N. Ishii, K. Hiraki and M. Honda, 326 Requirements for a Sailplane Rescue System W. Roeger, 334

SESSION 9 - Aerodynamics 2

Experimental Validation of the Ideal Parachute Model: A Status Report J. Potvin and G. Peek, 344 Pressure Data for the Experimental Validation of a Vortex-Based Parachute Inflation Code D. McBride, J. Henfling and E. Clark, NA Wind Tunnel Experiments on Characteristics of Small Scale Parachute Inflation. K. Popp, H. Johari and C. Lee, 353 The Impact of Wind Profiling Capability on Cargo Airdrop Accuracy K. Yerdon, 364 The Improved Ideal Parachute Model and Its Application to the Inflation Dynamics of Slider-Reefed Ram-Air Parachutes and Round Parachutes. T. Perschbacher and J. Potvin, 372

SESSION 10 - Gliding Parachutes 2

Parafoil Test Vehicle ALEX - Further Development and Flight Test Results T. Jann and K.-F. Doherr, 382 Investigation of Large Scale Parafoil Rigging Angle: Analytical and Drop Test Results C. Schroeder Iacomini, C. Madsen, 392 Testing & Development of the NASA X-38 Parafoil Upper Surface Energy Modulator T. Bennett, J. Smith and R. Fox, 403 Determination of the Relative Motion between Parafoil Canopy and Load Using Advanced Video-Imaging Processing Techniques G. Strickert and T. Jann, 410 The Parafoil Technology Demonstration (PTD) Project: Lessons Learned and Future Visions G. Petry and R. Behr, NA In-Flight Study of Cell Pressurization Inside Inflating Smokejumper Parachutes J. Potvin and G. Peek, NA

SESSION 11 - Testing

Design and Testing of the K-1 Landing System Airbags D. Gardinier and A. Taylor, 418 Parachute Tests for a Missile Descent System K. Heindel and D. Wolf, 428 Research of the Parachute Cluster Twisting Process Caused by Heavy Cargo Rotation V. Lialin and V. Morozov, NA U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (TECOM) Aerodynamic Decelerator Test Capability G. Jastrab, P. Mortaloni and C. Blankenship, 436 Hybrid Rocket Flight Testing to Develop the Hyperion Sounding Rocket Recovery Systems R. Thomas, K. Kline, G. Rosenfield and D. Das, NA