AIAA ADS Conferences

13th AIAA Aerodynamic Deecelerator Systems Technology Conference

Clearwater Beach, FL, May 15-18, 1995


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95-1531, Parachute Aerodynamics: An Assessment of Prediction Capability (1995), J. Strickland and H. Higuchi, 1 95-1532, The Ariane 5 Solid Rocket Booster Recovery: A Technical and Managerial Challenge, J. Astorg, F. Barreau, and C. de Kluiver, 17 95-1533, Descent Control Subsystem for the Huygens Probe, M. Neal and P. Wellings, NA 95-1534, Return to the Red Planet: An Overview of the Mars Pathfinder Mission, S. Thurman, 24 95-1535, Soft Landing Impact Attenuation Technologies Review, J-F. Vergnolle, 32 95-1536, Unity IV Recovery System, B. Williams, P. Neilson, C. Hatch, J. Gessaman and K. Anderson, 43 95-1537, Applying Parachute Canopy Control and Methodology Advanced Precision Airborne Delivery Systems, J. Hogue and H. Jex, 49 95-1538, The Guided Parafoil Airborne Delivery System Program, W. Wailes and N. Harrington, 60 95-1539, ORION Advanced Precision Airborne Delivery System, R. Alen and N. Hackett, NA 95-1540, Small Payload Recovery Using a GPS Guided Parafoil, R. Todd and L Chew, NA 95-1541, Guidance Experiment of Gliding Parachute Dropped from Balloon, T. Nakajima, K. Hiraki, M. Hinada, T. Yamagami, and S. Ohta, addendum 95-1542, Feasibility Demonstration of Autonomous Precision Aerial Delivery System, D. Auguilar, NA 95-1543, Data Analysis of a Spinning Payload Using Sun Sensors, D. Pillasch, 66 95-1544, Apparatus and Method for Measuring Angular Positions of Parachute Canopies, C. Lee, J. Lanza, and J. Buckley, 77 95-1545, Development of a Reusable System, M. Silbert, C. Shreves, B. Scott, and B. Vincent, 86 95-1546, High Strain-Rate Testing of Parachute Materials, K. Gwinn, J. Totten, and D. Waye, 91 95-1547, The Use of Off-the-Shelf Data Recorders in Parachute Testing, M. Herr and W. Ingram, addendum 95-1548, Measured Impact Accelerations for Over-Land and Over-Water Sounding Rocket Payloads, C. Hailey, V. Behr, H. Widdows, and M. Silbert, 98 95-1549, Development Testing of Disk-Gap-Band Parachutes Huygens Probe, J. Underewood, NA 95-1550, Contamination Controllecd Manufacturing of Mars Pathfinder Parachutes, E. Vickery and A. Mauritz, WD 95-1552, Mars Pathfinder Airbag Impact Attenuation System, D. Waye, J. Cole, and T. Rivellini, 109 95-1553, Structural Analysis of the JPL Mars Pathfinder Impact, K. Gwinn, 120 95-1554, China's New Recoverable Satellite Recovery System, H. Lin, 127 95-1555, The Influence of the Payload Size on the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Rotating Cross-Type Parachute, Z. Shpund and D. Levin, 130 95-1556, The Effect of Low Density Atmospheres on the Aerodynamic Coefficients of Parachutes, J. Lingard and J. Underwood, NA 95-1557, An Enhanced Simplified Zonal Approach for Unsteady Aerodynamics of Nonrigid bodies, J. Singh, NA 95-1558, Computational Fluid Dynamic Studies of a Solid and Ribbon 12-Gore Parachute Canopy in Subsonic and Supersonic Flow, J. Nelsen, NA 95-1559, Numerical Simulation of the Flow Past Bluff Bodies Using Discrete Vortex Methods, P. Kumar, V. Gupta, and C. Verma, 144 95-1560, Identification of a Paraglider Longitudinal Aerodynamic Characteristics, M. Kurashova and A. Vishnyak, 154 95-1561, The Effects of Added Mass on Parachute Inflation Force Coefficients, J. Lingard, NA 95-1562, Dynamic Drag Force During Parachute Inflation, G. Watts, 162 95-1563, A 3-D Finite Element Structural Parachute Model, R. Benney and J. Leonard, 165 95-1564, Deployment Model for Slide-Reefed Ram-Air Parachutes, J. Potvin, 176 95-1565, Inflation Analysis of RAM Air Inflated Gliding Parachutes, W. Garrard, T. Tezduyar, S. Aliabadi, V. Kalro, J. Luker, S. Mittal, and Army High Performance Computing Research Center, 186 95-1566, A Parachute Reefing System to Promote Faster Canopy Inflation, J. Watkins, NA 95-1567, Deployable Conical Stabilizer and Decelerator, D. Levin and Z. Shpund, 199 95-1568, Comparison of Theory and Experiment for Wind Tunnel Tests of Small Parachute Models, E. Niemi, S. Gulbankian, and K. Taft, 206 95-1569, A Ballute in the Wake of a Deploying Parachute, W. Koenig, K. Evans, and D. Pillasch, 213 95-1570, Effects of Canopy Geometrical Variation, on the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Cross-Type Parachute, D. Levin and Z. Shpund, 217 95-1571, Calculating the Landing Precision of Ram Air Parachute, W. He, NA 95-1572, Development of the Advanced Ram Air Parachute, D. Hirst and D. Jorgensen, 224 95-1573, Design, Development and Testing of a Recovery System for the Predator UAV, M. Butler, NA 95-1574, The Comet Recovery System, E. Vickery, J. Smith, A. Witkowski, and D. Thompson, 233 95-1576, Design of the Black Brant V Sounding Rocket Family of Recovery Systems, A. Siewert, M. Silbert, and H. Widows, NA 95-1577, Development of Aircraft with Parachute, Parafoil, or Flexible Wing, H. Ginsberg, 242 95-1578, C-17A Cargo Airdrop Testing, M. Lopez and M. Wuest, 250 95-1579, Wind Influences on Recovery System Performances, J. Mousin, 259 95-1580, 3-D Parachute Descent Analysis Using Coupled CFD and Structural Codes, J. Sahu, G. Cooper and R. Benney, 269 95-1581, Paralles Finite Element Computation of the Dynamics of Large Ram Air Parachutes, S. Aliabadl, W. Garrard, V. Kalro, S. Mittal, T. Tezduyer, and K. Stein, 278 95-1582, Monte Carlo Technique for Developing Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Parachute Loads, B. Layfield and M. Carpenter, 294 95-1583, A Relative Method to Measure Parachute Rate of Descent, J. Watkins, addendum 95-1584, Supersonic Stabilization and Deceleration -- Ballutes Revisited, E. Fallon, 299 95-1585, Storage Life of Parachutes -- Long Time Material Degradation, R. Ericksen and L. Whinery, 314 95-1586, Development of the Pioneer GS-750-1 Parafoil, R. Geiger, J. Smiths and S. Stewart, 321 95-1587, Trajectory Analysis of Airdrop Systems: Methods and Physical Insights, S. Kunz, 327 95-1588, Automated Airdrop Information Retrieval System - Human Factors Database, M. Kronberg ard P. Poole, 334 95-1589, Development Testing of Medium-Sized Ram-Air Parachutes, X. Lin, NA 95-1590, Methodology of Design and Development of ARIANE-5 Booster Recovery System, O. Rysev and R. Andronov, 343 95-1591, Qualification of the Ariane-5 Booster Recovery System, F. Meiboom and J. Geerdes, 351 95-1592, Development of the Nosecone Separation System for the Ariane-5 Booster Recovery System, M. Bos, R. Nienkemper and F. Meiboom, 361 95-1593, Parachute Simulations for ARIANE-5 Booster Recover System Design, A. Vishnyak, 370 95-1594, Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Lightweight Recovery System, R. Runkle and D. Wolf, 379 95-1595, Space Shuttle Orbiter Drag Parachute System, J. Kennedy and C. Lowry, 387