AIAA ADS Conferences

12th AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference

and Seminar (RAeS/AIAA)

London, England, May 10-13, 1993


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93-1201, Stable Cross Type Parachute with Inflatlon AID, K. Doherr, 1 93-1202, Mathematical Simulation in Parachute Design, O. Rysev, 4 93-1203, Recent Advances in the Numerical Analysis of RAM Air Wings the Three Dimensional Simulatlon Code "PARA3D", T. Chatzikonstantinou, 13 93-1204, Development Testing of Large RAM Air Inflated Wings, W. Wailes, 24 93-1205, Dynamic Investigation of the Angular Motion of a Rotating Body- Parachute System, D. Levin and Z. Shpund, 33 93-1206, A Simple, ApproximateModel of Parachute Inflation, J. Macha, 44 93-1207, The Effect of Extreme Altitude on Parachute Filling Distance, G. Barnard, 54 93-1208, Status Report: Parachute System Design, Analysis, and Simulation Tool, D. Waye, J. Strickland and S. Sundberg, N/A 93-1209, Radial Reefing Method for Accelerated and Controlled Parachute Opening, C. Lee, 62 93-1210, Comparison of Electrostatic and Aerodynamic Forces During Parachute Opening, M. Horenstein and N. Roberts, 72 93-1211, The Landing and Recovery Subsystem Design of the CARINA Re-Entry, A. Sansone and A. Spazio, N/A 93-1212, Space Mail Recovery System Design Concepts, M. Kostelezky, K. Doherr and U. Schottle, 79 93-1213, Application of Parafoils to Microwave Landing System Siting, G. Viviani, 90 93-1214, Aerodynamic Characterisation and Trajectory Simulations for the Ariane-5-Booster Recovery System, F. Meiboom, 100 93-1215, Scientific Implications of the Huygens Parachute System, R. Lorenz, 108 93-1216, Experimental Validation of a Discrete Vortex Method for Inviscid Axisymmetric Flow Around Parachute Canopies, Y. Frucht, N. Hazan and D. Levin, 114 93-1217, A Prediction Method for Unsteady Axisymmetric Flow Over Parachutes, J. Strickland, 125 93-1218, Wake of a Decelerator Disk, H. Balligand and H. Higuchi, 147 93-1219, Theoretical modeling of Wake-Recontact for a Parachute-System, T. Yavuz and J . Oler, 157 93-1220, Prandtl Theory Applied to Paraglider Aerodynamics, M. Gonzalez, 166 93-1221, Descent Control Sub-System for the Huygens Probe, M. Neal and P. Wellings, N/A 93-1222, Development of a Light Weight Ogive Parachute Recovery System, W. Gabriel, N/A 93-1223, 200 kg Space Payload Recovery System, K. Doherr, O. Norrvi and W. Pepper, 172 93-1224, Design of a Recovery System for a Reentry Vehicle, W. von Eckroth, W. Garrard and N. Miller, 178 93-1225, Pasda In Action, D. Adler, M. Baeza and D. Northey, 188 93-1226, Computatlonal Fluld Dynamic Studies of a Solid and Ribbon 12-Gore Parachute Canopy in Subsonic and Supersonic Flow, J. Nelson, N/A 93-1227, Methods and Results of Theoretical Investigations for High-Speed Parachute Systems, Y. Moseev, 194 93-1228, Computational Aerodynamics in Design and Analysis of Ram-Air-lnflated Wings, J. Ross, N/A 93-1229, Hypersonic Aerodynamic Decelerators Design Using CFD-Part 1 Non-Equlilbrlum Issues, E. Venkatapthy and S. Tokarcik, N/A 93-1230, Hypersonic Aerodynamic Decelerators Design Using CFD-Part 11 Turbulent Computations, S. Tokarcik and E. Venkatapathy, N/A 93-1231, The Development of a Low Level Paratrooping Parachute, D. Northey, N/A 93-1232, The Development of a Parachute System for Aerial Delivery from High Speed Cargo Aircraft, V. Behr, 204 93-1233, Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Rotating Parachute/Submunition System, W. Ximin and L. Zhangfu, N/A 93-1234, Impulse Guilded Samara Decelerator, D. Pillasch and D. Pangburn, 215 93-1235, A Drip-in, Forward-Mounted Two-Stage Recovery Module, J. Reuter, 228 93-1236, Apparent Mass Effects on Parafoil Dynamics, P. Lissaman and G. Brown, 233 93-1237, Computation of Aeroelastic Characteristics and Stress-Strained State of Parachutes, I. Dneprov, 240 93-1239, The Program "Monstr-2.0" for Designing and Computing Main Characteristics of Framed Soft Shells, A. Vishnjak and Y. Moseev, 245 93-1241, Parafoil Steady Turn Response to Control Input, G. Brown, 248 93-1242, The Stability and Aerodynamic Performance of Clusters of Small Cruciform Parachutes, P. Render and P. Coulter, 255 93-1243, Catch a Fallng Star: Parachute System Lessons Learned During the USAF Space Capsule Mis-Air Recovery Program, 1959-1985, M. Ravnitzky, 262 93-1244, Design and Development of the Model 227 Aerial Recovery System, L. Long, 276 93-1245, Flight Experiments of Supersonic Parachute, N. lshii, K. Hiraki, Y. Inatani, M. Hinada and T. Nakajima, N/A 93-1246, The Development and Flight Tests of an Autonomous GPS Guldance System for use in Automatic Recovery of a Spacecraft Gliding Parachute System, R. Reed, N/A 93-1247, MIL-Prime Specification for Parachutes, A. Kididis, 285 93-1248, Influence of the Canopy-Payload Coupling on the Dynamic Stability in Pitch of a Parachute System, D . Cockrell and N. Haidar, 289 93-1249, Recovery System Simulation: Link Modelization, J. Moulin, 296 93-1250, Simulation of the Payload-Parachute-Wing System Flight Dynamics, A. Vishnyak, 305 93-1251, A 12 Degree of Freedom Parachute/Payload Simulation of the Huygens Probe, J. Underwood, N/A 93-1252, The Dynamic Response of a Human Subjected to Ram Air Parachute, W. rvleyersw K. Nygren and A. Dull, N/A 93-1253, Experimental Study of the Recovery System by Gliding Parachute, T. Nakajima, M Hinada, Y. Morita and K. Hiraki, N/A 93-1254, An Analysis of the Development of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Smokejumper Model 8910 Ram-Air Parachute, B. Gargano, N/A 93-1255, Parachute Canopy Control and Guidance Training Requirements and Methodology, J. Hogue, W. Johnson, R. Allen and D. Pierce, 314