AIAA ADS Conferences

11th AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference

San Diego, CA, April 9-11, 1991


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Session 1- Parachute Research and Development Around the World

91-0825, Methods of Analysis for Flow Around Parachute Canopies, T. Sarzkaya, 1 91-0826, Development of Recovery Technology in China, H. Lin, J. Xue and X. Zhou, 18 91-0827, Apparent Mass-Its History and Its Engineering Legacy for Parachute Aerodynamics, D. Cockrell, 23 91-0828, Payload Recovery Experiments by Sounding Rockets and Balloon in Japan, M. Hinada, R. Akiba and T. Godai, N/A

Session 2- Gliding Parachutes

91-0829, A Smokejumpers' Parachute Maneuvering Training Simulator, J. Hogue, W. Johnson, R. W. Allen, and D. Pierce, 33 91-0834, Theoretical Investigation of Gliding Parachute Trajectory with Deadband and Non-Proportional Automatic Homing Control, Y. Li and H. Lin, 42 91-0835, Parafoils for Shipboard Recovery of UAVs, G. Brown, R. Haggard, and J. Fogleman, 48 91-0836, Demonstration of a Parafoil Based Mid-Air Retrieval System for an Unmanned Air Vehicle, S. Hintzke and R. Haggard, 54

Session 3- Space Systems

91-0837, The Computer Aided Design and Analysis of Parachute Systems for Space Applications, K. Schilling, D. Northey, J. Serrano-Martinez, and M. Eiden, N/A 91-0839, Ariane-5 Booster Recovery System-Description of the Parachute Assembly and the Test Philosophy, H . Just, 65 91-0840, Design and Development of the Recovery System for the Boosters, F. Meiboom, 80 91-0841, Numerical Studies on Inflatable Ballute as an Aerodynamic Decelerator for a Solid Rocket Motor Hypersonic Reentry, J. A . Wangand K . Shih, 88 91-0842, Liquid Booster Engine Reuse-A Recovery System, W. von Eckroth, G. Rohrkaste, and P. Delurgio, 99 91-0843, Research and Development on Parachute and Entry Decelerator Systems for Planetary Environments, M. Eiden and A. Murray, N/A

Session 4- Dynamics and Materials

91-0845, Development of Kevlar Parachute Webbings The Effect of Fabric Construction on the Tensile Failure and Joint Strength, R. Ericksen, 111 91-0846, Dynamics of the Parachute Sling: Testing Procedures and Evaluations, D. Prevorsek, H. Chin, and Y. Kwon, 120 91-0847, The Effect of Accelerated Aging on the Performance of Urethane Coated Kevlar Used in Ram Air Decelerators, G. Tutt, R. Phung, L. Vita, A. Fiorellini, and W. Koenig, 130 91-0848, On Accounting for Parachute Canopy Porosity in Estimating Parachute Peak Inflation Load, D. Jorgensen, 137 91-0849, A Development of a Balloon Made of Fiber Reinforced Film, R. Akiba, J. Nishimura, M. Hinada, M. FujBi, Y. Inatani, N. Watanabe, and N. Ishii, H. Minami, S. Segawa, 145

Session 5- Fundamental Aerodynamics

91-0850, A Discrete Free Vortex Method of Analysis for Inviscid Axisymmetric Flows Around Parachute Canopies, Y. Frucht and D. Cockrell, 153 91-0851, Numerical Analysis of Three-Dimensional Flow Past a Parachute, S. Shirayama and K. Kuwahara,N/A 91-0852, Wake Behind a Circular Disk in Unsteady and Steady Incoming Streams, H. Higuchi, 163 91-0853, Experimental Investigation of Added Mass During Parachute Deceleration Preliminary Results, B. Cochran, B. White, and J. M. Macha, 171 91-0894, Aerodynamics of Spheres for Mach Numbers from 0.6 to Including Some Effects of Test Conditions, M. L. Spearman, 181 91-0855, Flow Field Characteristics Around Cup-Like Bluff Bodies Parachute Canopies, C. Shen and D. Cockrell, 189

Session 6- Testing

91-0857, Low Cost Techniques for Gliding Parachute Testing, J. Kemnitz, 194 91-0858, Testing Parachutes in Wind Tunnels, M . Macha, N/A 91-0859, Parachute Deployment Experiment in Transonic and Supersonic Wind Tunnels, M . Hinada, K. Hiraki, Y. Inatani, T. Nakajima, M. Honda, and N . Yamashita, 207 91-0860, Design and Testing of a 40 Foot Diameter Hybrid Nylon/Kevlar Ribbon Parachute for the NASA Orbiter Spacecraft Landing Deceleration System, J. Sickles and R. Lawrence, 216 91-0861, Performance Data Acquisition from Flexible Aerodynamic Decelerators, J. Tyagi, P. Khandeiwal, and R. Kale, 223

Session 7- Nonsteady Aerodynamics

91-0862, Application of Inflation Theories to Preliminary Parachute Force and Stress Analyses, W. Garrard, 230 91-0865, Payload Vehicle Aerodynamic Reentry Analysis, D. Tong, 240 91-0866, Computations of the Flow Characteristics of Aerodynamic Decelerators Using Computational Fluid Dynamics, K. Stein, 249 91-0867, Applying the Principles of Decelerators to Spinnakers, R. Doyle, J. Braun, and M. RaVnitzky, 258

Session 8- Decelerator Design

91-0868, Tests of Samara-Wing Decelerator Characteristics, P. Crimi and D. Jorgensen, 265 91-0869, The Development of a Ram Air Decelerator for the Recovery Artillery Shells, V. Behr, J. K. Cole, and R. Croll, 280 91-0870, Aerodynamics of a Rotating Body Descending from Separation Position of an Artillery Munition Shell, L. Karlsen, D. Borgstrom, and L. Paulsson, 288 91-0871, Measurement of the Static and Dynamic Coefficients of a Cross Type Parachute in Subsonic Flow, Z. Shpund and D. Levin, 295 91-0872, Parametric Study of Unicross Parachute Under Infinite and Finite Mass Conditions, J. Tyagi and P. Kumar, 304 91-0873, Panel Stabilized Square Parachute Flight Testing, C . Callianno, 310

Session 9- Dynamics

91-0874, An Impulse Approach for Determining Parachute Opening Loads for Canopies of Varying Stiffness, E. Niemi Jr., 316 91-0875, A Vortex Panel Method for Calculating Aircraft Downwash on Parachute Trajectories, T. Fullerton, J. Strickland, and W. Sundberg, N/A 91-0876, Preliminary Numerical Simulations for Parachutes Using a Navier-Stokes Solver on a Zoned Grid, D. Barnette, 323 91-0877, 9DOF-Simulation of Rotating Parachute Systems, K-F. Doherr and H. Schilling, 333 91-0878, Dynamic Stability of a Capsule-Drogue Assembly During the RF Entry, J. Vergnolle and J. Astorg, 344 91-0879, Parachute Dynamics and Stability Analysis of the Queen Recovery System, E . Fallon, II, 351

Session 10- System Design

91-0880, Low Altitude High Speed Cargo Parachute System Development: A Status Report, D. Sundberg, T. Alsbrooks, K. Ronquillo, J. Sadeck, and C. Lee, N/A 91-0881, The Design and Flight Testing of a High-Performance, Low-Cost Parachute System for a 1000-lb. Payload, V. Behr, 366 91-0882, Design and Performance of a Parachute for the Recovery of a 760lb. Payload, D. Waye, 374 91-0883, F 111 Crew Escape Module Pilot Parachute, E. Tadios, 384 91-0884, Design and Testing of the Queen Match Recovery System, P. Woodruff, W. Everett, and S. Hunter, 390 91-0885, Development of a Parachute and Flotation System for Instrument Capsule Recovery, C . Wei, 404

Session 11- Systems Integration

91-0887, RAPID-The Design of a Low Altitude Parachute, E . Hennings, 408 91-0888, Development and Use of Inflatable Payload Recovery Vehicles, R. Kendall Jr., R. Kendall Sr., and A. Maddox, 421 91-0889, Deployment Optimization and Human Factors Considerations for Low-Altitude Troop Parachutes, J. Watkins, N/A 91-0890, Low Altitude Retrorocket System (LARRS) System Overview and Progress, B. Wilson and H. Antkowiak, 436 91-0891, Rocket Assisted Air Drop System, E. Vicker1x, H. Antkowiak, J. Smith, and E. Fallon II, 448 91-0892, An Investigation of Improved Airbag Performance by Vent Control and Gas Injection, C. Lee, N. Rosato, and F. Lai, 455