AIAA ADS Conferences

10th AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference

Cocoa Beach, FL, April 18-20, 1989


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SESSION 1-Overview-Future Requirements

89-0877 U.S. Army Airdrop Technology Needs for the Future, M. Gionfriddo, NA 89-0878 High Performance Escape Capsules Meeting the Emergency Needs of Future Aircraft, W. Pickl, 1 89-0879 Aerodynamic Decelerators tor Future European Space Missions, M. Eiden, NA 89-0876 Crew Emengency Return Vehicle Status Report, J. Craig, NA 89-0880 Parachutes: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, T. Knacke, NA

SESSION 2-Decelerator Systems

89-0881 Advanced Recovery Systems for Advanced Launch Vehicles (ARS) Phase l-Study Results, W. Wailes, NA 89-0882 High Altitude Decelerator Systems, M. Silbert, A. Moltedo and G. Gilbertson, 7 89-0883 Feasibility Study Using Large Ribbon Parachutes, Retrorockets, and Hydrodynamic Attenuation to Recover Liquid Rocket Boosters for the Space Shuttle, W. Pepper and W. Wailes, 13 89-0884 Development ot the Hlgh-Speed Aerial Delivery Container (HISAC)-A Status Report, J. Cyrus and G. Thibault, NA 89-0885 Pilot Ejection from a Prone Flying Position, A. Disselkoen, K. Heise, C. Spenny and R. Gargiulo, 24 89-0886 Reentry Vehicle Recovery Techniques, H. Li, 34 89-0887 Aerial Delivery ot Personnel in Ground Proximity, H. Hunter and M. Wuest, 38

SESSION 3-Parachute Development I

89-0888 Radius Tipped Inflatable Triangular Decelerator, P. Cannon, NA 89-0889 Comparative Study ot the Performance of Parachutes at Mach 0.5-Mach 4.35 with Reference to Suitability for Use with the Hermes Crew Escape Capsule, J. Lingard, S. Barnard and P. Kearney, NA 89-0890 Rocket-Boosted Test for a Ribbon Parachute, X. Lin, 44 89-0891 Testing a New Recovery Parachute System for the F111 Aircraft Crew Escape Module-An Update, D. Johnson, 47 89-0892 A Control Canopy Release Method for Improved Opening of Clustered Parachutes, C. Lee and J. Sadeck, 53 89-0893 High Altitude Parachute and Its Military Application, M. Chaurasia, and R. Kumar, 60 89-0894 The Development ot the Panel Stabilized Slotted-Square Parachute, C. Calianno, .64

SESSION 4-Aerodynamics I

89-0895 A Revision of the Added Mass Concept as Applied to Parachute Motion, D. Cockrell, Y. Frucht and R. Harwood, 71 89-0897A Preliminary Characterization of Parachute Wake Recontact, J. Strickland and M. Macha, 78 89-0898 Flow Visualization Studies of Wake Behind Axisymmetric Bluff Bodies Including Parachute Canopy Models, H. Higuchi, 86 89-0899 An Approximate Method for Calculating Aircraft Downwash on Parachute Tralectories, J. Strickland, 91 89-0900 Wall-lnterference Corrections for Parachutes In a Closed Wind Tunnel, J. Macha and R. Buffington, 97 89-0901 Prediction of Parachute Collapse Due to Wake Recontact, J. Oler and J. Strickland, 104

SESSION 5-Ram Air Parachutes

89-0908 A Piloted HAHO/HALO Cargo Delivery System Utilizing Ram Air Parachutes, W. Booth, NA 89-0902 Parafoil Parachute Tow Tests (With Application to Parafiol Control), K. French, W 89-0903 Tethered Parafiol Test Technique, G. Brown, 110 89-0904 The Development of a 10,000 Lb. Capacity Ram Air Parachute, E. Puskas, 114 89-0905 A Method of Conducting High Altitude, High Offset, Controlled Delivery of Supplies, R. Auer, W 89-0906 Evolution of the Manta Ray Parachute, M. Ravnitzky, 121 89-0907 Numerical Analysis of Three-Dimensional, Non-Rigid Wings, I. Chatzikonstantinou and E. Puskas, NA

SESSION 6-Materials and Structures

89-0909 Innovative Parachute Materials, M. Ravnitzsky, 125 89-0910 Development of an Alternating Flat to Tubular Kevlar Parachute Tape, R. Ericksen and R. Koch, 133 89-0911 New Lightweight Parachute Fabrics of Kevlar Aramid Fiber, S. Beare, 143 89-0912 Spectra High Performance Fibers for the Fabrication of Lightweight Parachute Systems, K. Benefield, 148 89-0913 Expanded PTFE (Polytrafluoroethylene) Fibers: Extending the Limits ot Textile Technology In Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems, M. Johnson, 152 89-0914 A Stressing Model for Solid Textile Parachute Canopies, K. Mansfield, D. Cockrell and J. Lingard, 154

SESSION 7-Parachute Development II, Parachute Aging

89-0915 Investigatlon of the Service and Age Lives of U.S. Army Personnel Parachutes, R. Coskren and E. Wuester, 159 89-0916 Personnel Parachute Age/Service Life Criteria, R. Rodier, E. Wuester and J. Hall, 166 89-0917 Degradation of Nylon Canopy Fabrics due to Ageing, I . Hussain, 172 89-0918 Summary of Aging Effects on 25 Year Old Nylon Parachutes, E. Tadios, 177 89-0919 A Preliminary Flexible Fin Deployment Simulation, W. Koenig, 183 89-0920 Development of a Low Altitude Tactical Assault Parachute, J. Watkins, NA 89-0921 The Development and Testing of the HISAC Parachute Recovery System, V. Behr, 187

SESSION 8-Parachute Data Acquisition, and Reviews

89-0922 Development of the Personal Parachute Assembly for the Space Shuttle Crew Escape System, M . Herr, 193 89-0923 Measurement of Individual Parachute Loads In a Clustered Parachute System, V. Behr, 202 89-0924 Small Parachute Flight Data Acquisition System, D. Ryerson and G. Hauser, 206 89-0925 A Critical Review of the State of the Art for Measurement of Stress In Parachute Fabrics, E. Niemi, 211 89-0926 To Fall from Space: Parachutes and the Space Program, M. Ravnitzky, S. Patel and R. Lawrence, 222 89-0927 Parachute Drawing Standards Currently in Use at Sandia National Laboratories, K. Ronquillo, 233 89-0928 National Databank on Parachute Textile Materials, V. Dwivedi, S. Pal and A. Ahuja, 242

SESSION 9-Aerodynamics II

83-0929 Computations of the Flow Past Solid and Slotted Two-Dimensional Bluff Bodies with Vortex Tracing Method, H. Higuchi and W. Park, 248 89-0930 A Vortex Panel Analysis of Circular-Arc Bluff-Bodies In Unsteady Flow J. Strickland, 258 89-0931 Analysis of Decelerators In Motion Using Computational Fluid Dynamics, E. Steeves, 269 89-0932 Experimental Evaluations ot Fluid Resistance Acting on Bluff Bodies In Unsteady Motion, T. Yavuz and S. Uzkilic, 279 89-0933 A Coupling Apparent Mass for Parachute Inflation Equations, D. Wolf, 286 89-0934 The Effects of Unsteady Aerodynamics on Single and Clustered Parachute Systems, D. Waye and D. Johnson, NA 89-0935 An Experimental Investigation of the Aerodynamic Load on Cambered Plates, J. Lawrence J. Oler D. Adamson and J. Strickland, 293

SESSION 10-Components and Testing

89-0936 An Energy Absorber to Reduce Personnel Parachute Opening Shock, E. Stech and H. Varner, W 89-0937 A Seat-Mounted Combined Harness, J. Murray, 297 89-0938 An Apparatus for Wind Tunnel Testing ot Parafoil Parachutes, K. Banasiewcz, W 89-0939 A Ground Based Air-Operated Launcher for Parachute Testing, R. Downs and R. Bartlett, NA 89-0940 Analysis of Force Interaction Between the Aces Platform and the C-130 and C-1 41 Ramp, M. Kuntavanish, 302 89-0941 Whirltower Test Facility, L. Paulsen, NA 89-0942 An Expression for Dynamic Strain in a Weak Link, G. Barnard, 310