AIAA ADS Conferences

Symposium on Parachute Technology and Evaluation

El Centro CA April 7-9, 1964

Technical Documentary Report No. 64, 12th September 1964

Air Force Flight Test Center

Edwards Air Force Base, California


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Volume I

Aerodynamic Deceleration Development

Expandable Drag Devices for Mach 10 Flight Regime, F.B. Nebiker, 8 The Precision Drop Glider, J.E. Forehand, 34 The Paravulcoon Recovery System, A.J. Oberg, R.A. Pohl, 46 Rotary Wing Decelerators, J.J. Barzda, 66 The Paracone - A Replacement for the Parachute, R.T. Kendall, 90 Design, Development and Testing of a Ram-Air Inflated Flotation Device, I.T. Holt, 109 R.C.D. - An Automatic Touchdown System for the Complete Elimination of Landing Impacts, T.S. Bradfield, 115

New Parachute Design Techniques

A Parachute Retro Rocket Hybrid System for Air-Drop of Personnel Carriers and Cargo, S. Jackson, W. Peck, 124 USAF Programs to Validate Parachute Performance Prediction Techniques, J.H. DeWeese, 135 The Reduction of Parachute Inflation Time Through use of an Internal Canopy as Experienced in Laboratory and Full Size Studies, R.J. Niccum, 156 Novel Canopy Designs and Utilization, R.J. Gross, 168 Parachute Test Work at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, D.C. Cobb, 181 Standardized Drawings for Parachutes and Air Delivery Equipment, M.L. Budnick, 199

Evaluation Devices and Techniques

Drag of Plates, Cones and Spheres in the Wake of Forebodies and the Drag of Two Body Systems, H.G. Heinrich, 210 Design and Testing of the Sled, Sled Extraction System, and Sled Recovery System Used with the Gemini Full-Scale Boilerplate Test Vehicle, P.L. Weinraub, 228 Observations of Parachute Characteristics at Altitude Above 100,000 Feet by Means of In-Flight Photography, H.W. Murrow, 239 The Use of a Supersonic Wind Tunnel as a Means of Investigating Decelerator Configurations, J.T. McShera, 249 Data Acquisition and Analysis Requirements for Large Recovery Systems, W.F. Green, 261 The Cree Vehicle (A Free-Flight Decelerator Testing System), W.E. Nickel, C.A. Babish III, 279

Escape System Development

Parachute Modifications for Low Speed, Low Altitude Escape System Development for Lockheed F-104 Flight Test Pilots, R.H. Ritter, 305 Application of Computer Analysis to Escape Ejection Seats, H.R. Moy, 316 The Effect of Wetting by Rainfall or Emersion in Fresh Water on the Opening Characteristics of Paratrooping Parachutes, G.F. Turnbull, 326 USAF Ejection Experience, S.P. Chum, R.A. Shannon, 349 Statistics of the Reliability of Parachutes used in Emergency Bailouts and Ejections and Reliability of Deceleration Chutes, LCDR. R. Simmons, 362 Development of a Recovery System for an Ejectable Nose Cone Capsule, W. Kenyon, 375 New Emergency Escape System for Aircraft, J.C. Hawkins Jr., R.T. Kendall, 391

Volume II

Materials and Systems

Unique Flexible Fiberous Materials for Decelerators, J.H. Ross, 420 Analysis of an Integrated Spacecraft Escape System, W.J. Chagaris, 434 Unmanned Water-to-Air Recovery System, D.P. Schmarje, 460 The Effect of Space Environment on Textile Materials, H.E. Pettus, 473 Studies of the Influence of Soil Properities on the Landing Characteristics of Manned Spacecraft, L.C. Reese, W.E. Baker, 490 Attenuation of Deployment and Opening Forces of Certain Aerodynamic Decelerators, H.Gray, 502

Recovery Systems Development

Recovery Dynamics for Apollo, J.F. Large, R.W. Rodier, 510 Development of the Para-Sail Parachute as a Landing System for Manned Spacecraft, L.C. Norman, R.B. West, D.B. Brown, 523 Application of Ballistics to Precisely Control the Opening of Parachutes, the Ultra Precision Parachute, W.R. Peck, 533 Attenuation of Landing Impact for Manned Spacecraft, F.A. Stafford, J.E. McCullough, H.E. Benson, 542 Controlled Landings with Steerable Parachutes, T.W. Knacke, 552 Forcible Deployment and Development of Large Recovery Parachutes for Low Altitude Airdrop of Heavy Equipment, W.A. Friend, Jr., M. Gionfriddo, 564 Flat Spin Recovery System, J.C. McFall, Jr. 573